About us

A dream shaped by wine

Oenological pearl set in the Lazio hinterland, Colle di Maggio represents an “unicum” able to give a dream that goes beyond regional borders, to support a philosophy that embraces three concepts which forms the backbone of all its production: Quality, Beauty and Art.

A winery as a muse

In this place you can always breath a magical air related to sensitivity towards Beauty and Art and characters such as Giorgio de Chirico and Mario Schifano used to walk around these wonderful places to draw inspiration for their great pictorial mastery.

Creations from land and arts

Colle di Maggio’s productions born following an inspiration that seems to be almost a magical gift granted to those who work there: fine wines and an elegant EVO oil, seem to evoke the prestige and artistic elegance that this company has always breathed, and which has always illuminated its creations.

Our wines

A range of wines whose quality comes from the careful selection of wooden, cement and ceramic wine vessels, as well as from the new whole winemaking techniques.

Breeding the vineyards and the arts

Wines are created in a rigorous organic regime with spurred cordon or guyot cultivation techniques, vinified in white and red and with the use of aging in small and large wood, cement and ceramic amphorae.