The osmosis of Sun and Nature

Gold like the Sun, green like Nature.

The precious blend between nature and earth

The precious blend that makes up this extra virgin olive oil seems to draw its unique character, as if by osmosis, from the magic of this area, where Nature has left a mark that Colle di Maggio has been able to transform into respect for the Earth and for its biodiversity, through an organic certification that reflects the ethical essence of the company and guarantees a high quality level of the product.

Much more than organic olive oil

Much more than Bio, delicate, natural, healthy. The extra virgin olive oil produced in Colle di Maggio is fragrant, delicate, tasty and with a very low acidity degree, thanks to the richness of elements and nutritional principles found in the volcanic soil, which make the product stable over time and of a very high quality. The manual harvesting of the olives, their washing and careful milling, are the steps that precede the “cold” extraction process thanks to which the product maintains an excellent quality.

The cultivars

Leccino, Frantoio, Itrana and Pendolino, four different cultivars originating from ancient plants and blended to give a unique product of great finesse.

The golden senses

It is a superior category extra virgin olive oil obtained from washed, decanted, centrifuged, and filtered olives, which give a precious sensory balance that immediately captures the eye with its golden yellow color that fades into green reflections and enchants with its fresh vegetal notes, ending with a delicately spicy and bitter finish.